Dynamic Intercom

Users that have the Dynamic Intercom feature enabled will see an Intercom button located on the top right side of the application. Clicking the Intercom button will slide out a window display from the right.

Search For A Peer

To search, click on the Search bar located on the top of the Dynamic Intercom window. Enter either the First and/or Last name of the desired user into the Search bar. The search will display relevant results once 2 or more characters have been entered. The results will be ordered alphabetically. 

Peer Status

Available (green circle) – a user has logged on the C9 Trader and is available for a call
Offline (grey circle) – a user is not logged into their C9 Trader, their First and Last Name are greyed out

Make/Receive an Intercom Call

Once a user locates the peer they'd like to call, they can initiate the call simply by clicking on the search result. The outgoing call will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the application window. Incoming dynamic intercom calls will be displayed in the same area.
Users can receive multiple dynamic intercom calls at once however they can only be active on 1 call at a time.


Users can see their recent dynamic intercom calls at the bottom of the intercom window. They can click on the recent call to re-initiate a call to their peer without having to search for them first. Users can see 5 recent calls made by default with an expandable view of up to 20.

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