Button Board Support for Intercom

The intercom buttons, once they are available as buttons on the C9 Trader user interface, can be provisioned on the Cloud9 Button board similar to Shout down and Ring down buttons call types. This is available from the Button board Settings menu. Users will be able to select the desired intercom button by scrolling down to intercom buttons category or by using the searching the button’s name in the search field.  Once the user chooses the button that needs to be provisioned and exits the virtual button board on C9 Trader window, the intercom button will appear on the physical button board in the desired position. Please note that the Intercom buttons will be latching by default and user will not have the option to change it to momentary.

Note: If the intercom button is already provisioned, then it will be greyed out on the drop-down for the button.

The ability for a button to appear in the same position on all pages is available using the pinning option. The pinning option is only available from the first page and the pinning option is available for Intercom buttons. Users will be able to pin the intercom button by clicking on the pin icon while provisioning the button. To unpin the button, the user can click again on the pin icon for a particular Intercom button and then exit the virtual button board window. This will remove the Intercom button from all positions on the Button Board pages. Please note that clearing the pinned Intercom button by clicking on the clear option on the button’s drop-down menu will clear the Intercom button in this position only and will not clear the button from all Button Board pages.

Button Labels:
The Intercom buttons label will leverage the current format as follows: the top right of the button will be used to identify the selected audio device for the call indicated by “M” for Microphone, “L” for left handset and “R” for right handset. The button label will be displayed on 2 lines in middle of the button. Each line supports up to 8 characters.

Releasing Intercom Calls:
Peer to Peer Call Release: The intercom call will be released when any of the traders stop transmitting on the intercom call. This action can be completed when any of traders release the active intercom call or using the global release key which releases all active calls on the C9 Trader application

Peer to Group Call Release: The intercom button will go to an idle state when the last user transmitting on the button stops transmitting. This action can be completed when all of traders release the active intercom call or using the global release key which releases all active calls on the C9 Trader application.

Do Not Disturb:
C9 Trader users will be able to provision Intercom Do Not Disturb button on the Cloud9 Button Board. In order to do so, users will click on the “Settings” button on C9 Trader control panel and select “Button board”. The virtual button board will appear on the lower part of the C9 Trader window where users can navigate to the desired page and select the drop-down for the button position where Intercom DND button needs to be provisioned. The Intercom DND button will be a function button on the drop-down menu list of the button. Once the user exits the virtual button board, the Intercom DND button will appear on the physical Button Board in the desired position. Intercom DND will have the label “ICM DnD” and user will be able to toggle the feature ON/OFF by pressing on the button. Please note that toggling the button ON/OFF will be reflected on the C9 Trader window and vice-versa.


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