Intercom Connections

The Connections tab under Community is updated to include a new tab for Intercom connections. Please note that by default the Connections tab will show the Group Connections which apply to Shout Downs and Ring Downs connections.

To view Intercom connections, the user selects the Intercom Connections tab, and this will display the list of intercom connections the user has been invited to on a user level or a group level. The following fields will be available for each Intercom connection:
  • Intercom users: The “Intercom Users” field will display all users who are available on the intercom connection and accepted the intercom invitation. This intercom user list will support search for a specific user using the search box available on the connection tab.
  • Groups: This includes all trading groups that share the intercom connection
  • Button Label: This will include the default label of the intercom connection button.
  • Subscribers: the number of users that have the intercom button
  • Type: This will indicate if the type of the intercom connection is a Peer to Peer connection or Peer to Group connection
  • Category: This will be in the default category or will display the user’s category
  • Button: The “Button” check box will give the user the ability to provision a button for the intercom connection
  • Float: This will be a read only field which shows that the intercom button will support the float functionality

To search for a specific intercom connection, the user can enter characters to search for in the search box. Please note that the entered characters will only apply to the Intercom users, Groups and Button label fields.

There will be additional information available for any selected intercom connection by clicking on the desired Intercom connection. In the lower left part of the Connections window, the following details will be provided:
  • Creation date
  • Creator user name
  • Button label
  • Connection type and Connection Id - The Connection Id field will start always with “iCM” for Intercom connections.
  • User list: On the lower right of the Connections window, the usernames of the users who are part of the Intercom connection (and accepted the invite) will be shown.
Please note that to delete an intercom connection, this will only be possible if there are no users subscribed to the Intercom connection. If there are 2 or more users subscribed to the Intercom connection, then the “Delete” button will be greyed out. Please note that if the user deletes a connection, there is no confirmation message to confirm this action and the invites for this connection will be deleted from the C9 Trader of the invitees.

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