Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb setting will suppress any incoming audible notifications for Intercom. A user setting is available on the main control panel and allows a user to turn on/off the Intercom Do-Not-Disturb feature. Unlike the Auto-Answer setting that is controlled for each Intercom button, the Do-Not-Disturb setting controls all intercom buttons on the user’s C9 Trader interface. Selecting the DND setting ON should cause all future incoming intercom calls to go to incoming call pending, preventing a user from being disturbed by unanticipated intercom calls.

The DND setting only affect incoming intercom calls. It does not have an impact on outgoing intercom calls or incoming calls on Shout Down, Ring Down and Click-To-Call connections.
The DND state for a user on an intercom button will be available on the right click action on the specific intercom button if the user has DND set to ON. This is indicated by a red icon. For instance, Trader A sets a DND state to ON to indicate to all other subscribers that the user is not available for incoming intercom calls. The DND state of Trader A will be available for other subscribers to view on all the intercom buttons that Trader A is subscribed to.

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