Intercom Overview

Intercom is Cloud9's supported call type within the Cloud9 Trader application. It is designed for fast, immediate communications between trading groups and individual users. Intercom introduces three concepts that are new to C9 Trader product offering.
  • Intercom community: There is a new intercom community available in the Community section exclusively tailored to allow instant provisioning of intercom connections. The functionality of the in-app directory will allow users to view all default groups available within their firm and search to create new intercom connections. For additional information, please review the Intercom Community section below.
  • Intercom call types: Intercom connections can be created between one user to another or one user to several users/trading groups. The type of intercom call type is determined at the time when an intercom connection or invitation is created. There are two types of intercom connections which allows to identify the behavior of the intercom connection which are Peer to Peer and Peer to Group intercom call type
    1. Peer to Peer: Peer to peer intercom call type is defined for two individual users only. This type of intercom call type will be limited to only two users and cannot be modified to add additional users at a later time.
    2. Peer to Group: Peer to group intercom call type is defined for up to 50 subscribers. This call type involves a single caller, but with two or more called users, forming a group intercom call. This can be a combination of up to 50 individual users or a set of users and trading groups which do not exceed 50 users. This type of intercom call type can be modified at a later time to remove or add users and groups. Any subscriber can initiate the peer to group intercom call
  • Auto answer capability: Intercom calls are designed to be intrusive, traditionally, and it is key that from a called party perspective that the intercom is a hands-free operation where the intercom is automatically answered. All new intercom connection will default to auto answer ON. The auto answer capability is available with both types of intercom call.
    1. Peer to Peer: The auto answer capability will automatically turn on the called party’s microphone when the user receives an incoming peer to peer intercom call. This will allow the called party to hear and speak with the calling party without needing to take action with their application.
    2. Peer to Group: The auto answer capability is different for peer to group intercom call type and this will not turn on the called party’s microphone. The called party will hear the calling party voice transmitted over their speaker and will need to manually engage the intercom button to respond.

Intercom Button Icon
As with all defined C9 Trader button types, the new Intercom button demands a unique Icon that will allow users to distinguish the Intercom Buttons from other button types. These are existing button icons for Shoutdowns and Ringdowns. The Click to Call favorites are available on the Click to Call window and do not currently have a button icon on the main C9 Trader application. The new intercom button icon is third icon below.

Intercom Button Volume
Like other button types, the new intercom button supports a volume control on the individual buttons. This volume control should support the ability for the user to control the receive (speaker) volume of active calls on the intercom button.

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