Button Board Support for Click to Call (Provisioning)

Provisioning for Click to Call will be sourced in the same window that the rest of the Button Board is provisioned. Go to the left navigation panel and select Settings. Once the Settings menu opens, select the Button Board option. This will bring up the Button Board provisioning menu.

Users can either scroll through or utilize the search function to find the speed dial or line appearance they want to provision to their button board. Additionally the Dial Pad button can be provisioned from this window.

​Speed Dials

Speed Dials can be configured once on the button board. The number that is utilized on the speed dial is the number that is set as Default.

If users want the other numbers associated to the contact to be provisioned on the button board as a speed dial, then the contact would have to be split into separate contacts.
  • Line Appearance must be provisioned in order for a Speed Dial to be provisioned. This is because all of the call progress information is on the Line Appearance, and the Speed Dial is simply a call initiation button.
  • For Speed Dials that have a preferred line set then, a Line Appearance associated with that preferred line would need to be provisioned.

Line Appearances

A line appearance is one instance of a line that is used to keep state on calls that are occurring on the line. Users can provision up to 24 appearances of each line, but please note all line appearances must appear on a single page, and cannot be split across multiple pages.
  • Instance ID:
    • This is a key aspect used in conjunction with Line Appearance, especially in large groups that share lines, in order to users to give additional information regarding the multiple calls occurring on the line.
      • For example, if there are 10 calls supported on line 1234 then each call would be associated an Instance ID between 1 to 10.
    • The instance ID is generated by the customer’s phone system, and cannot be modified by Cloud9.

Dial Pad Function Key

The dial pad function key will allow users to press and the Click to Call window will be brought into focus on the user’s machine. The dial pad key can be provisioned as many times as the user would like it to appear on the button board.

The focus will be on the input bar so that the user can simply key the number in and hit enter on their keyboard without ever needing to use the mouse.

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