Ringtone Adjustment

Users will be able to select from over 15 different ringtones for each of their lines on Click to Call. This includes the 3 existing ringtones from the Notifications pages within the settings menu of Cloud9 Trader. 

To access this setting, click the gear icon located in the top left corner of the Click to Call window and select Notifications.

• Test Tones: Users will have the ability to test the ringtones before setting them by clicking the play button.
• On/Off Option: Users will have the ability to turn ringtones off for certain lines if the user does not always need audible alerting on particular lines.

Please note, all users will be set with all lines set to the ringtone that is currently set on the Idle notification on the trader, and all lines will default to Ringtone On. Users will then be able to customize as they would like.

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