This release of C9 Trader allows users to set Privacy which would prevent other users that share line(s) 
from viewing and barging into active calls on the device. To enable barge and privacy on Click to Call,
users need the following:
  • Cisco Call Manager (CUCM)
  • Install the Cloud9 Cisco Options Package (COP) file onto all nodes of the Cisco Call Manager cluster
  • Line sharing set up for users on Cisco Call Manager
  • cBarge Conference Server
  • Barge and Privacy enabled on Cisco Call Manager and C9 Portal

Enabling Privacy for all lines for a user
After privacy has been enabled for a user, a padlock icon would appear on the bottom of the Click to
Call window indicating that privacy is enabled for the user for all lines for that user. Clicking the icon
will disable privacy for all lines.

Privacy Indicator On a Call

Active calls on Click to Call that have privacy enabled would be shown with a padlock icon next to the
duration on the active call display. If privacy is enabled and the user has an active call on a shared line,
the call would not be shown on Click to Call for the other users.

Toggling Privacy During a Call
Users that have privacy enabled can toggle privacy off during a call by clicking the padlock icon. This
would make the call visible to all users that share the line and allow other users to barge into the call. Conversely, clicking the padlock icon during a call re-enables privacy. Note that all calls that have been put on hold on shared lines appear on Click to Call for all users that share the line regardless of privacy status. However, hold on transfer does not make the call visible to users that share the line if privacy has been enabled.


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