Hold on Ringdowns

Users that have ringdown connections can place their active ringdown calls on hold and resume them without having to reconnect with the far end. The "hold" button has been added to the control panel on the left side of the application interface.

Hold functionality will be available on any ringdown once the call is in a connected state. Users can place up to 3 different ringdown calls on hold at once. Any ringdown that is placed on hold will have it's button color change color from green to yellow. If the connection is shared, peers will see the button flash yellow. Once resumed, the button color will return to green.

To use hold: 
  1. Engage in an active ringdown (solid green)
  2. Select hold from the control panel
  3. Click the active ringdown connection that is being placed on hold
    • The button will turn from green to yellow, signifying it is on hold
  4. To resume, click the ringdown button that is in a hold state

Cloud9 Button Board users can place calls on hold by using the button board. Users can select the ‘HOLD’ button followed by  the ringdown call that they want to place on hold. Held calls can be resumed by the user by selecting the button again. Calls that have been placed on hold by the user would be displayed in a solid yellow color on the button board while those placed on hold by peers of the user would be in flashing yellow color. 

NOTE: If a user has the privacy feature enabled, turned on and then places a call on hold, privacy is released on the call until the user picks the call up again.

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