Barge Functionality (Cisco Call Manager Users)

Click to Call users on Cisco Call Manager that have shared lines configured can be configured to barge into a call on a shared line. This functionality allows users that share lines to have multiple users on a call. To enable barge on Click to Call, users need the following:
  • Cisco Call Manager (CUCM)
  • Install the Cloud9 Cisco Options Package (COP) file onto all nodes of the Cisco Call Manager cluster
  • Line sharing set up for users on Cisco Call Manager
  • cBarge Conference Server
  • Barge enabled on Cisco Call Manager
Firm administrators can provision cBarge for users that share lines by setting up a conference server and enabling cBarge for users on the Cisco Call Manager. No setup is needed on the C9 Portal or C9 Trader.

Barging into Calls 

When users make calls on shared lines using Click to Call, the call details appear for all users that share that line.  The call that appears on the users that share the line is called a Remote Active call. 

  1. Users that are not active on a call on a shared line can barge into that call by clicking on the remote active call that appears on the bottom on the Click to Call window. The call would show ‘Conference’ - indicating that a user has barged into the call - to both users on the call, in addition all other users that share that line. 
  2. Users that have barged into a call can exit the call by simply pressing on the red handset  icon on the active call.
  3. When only two parties remain on the call, it will move from the conference server back to a point to point call. 

The limit of users that can be active on a barged call is determined by the customer’s conference server.  Once this limit is reached, additional users would see barge functionality disabled for that call until another user drops out of the barged call. The user will see a message “Maximum subscribers on call” if the maximum number of users on a barged call is reached.  

Hold, Transfer, and Conferencing functionality are not available on a barged call. 

Call Records on Barge

Call records for users that barge into a call reflect a start reason in both Cloud storage and Local storage of ‘BargeIn’ indicating that they barged into the call. On C9 Portal, they would appear as follows:

Beep Tone on Barge

To meet distant end notification obligations around recording, C9 Trader allows users to notify distant end parties that a call is being recorded is by using a periodic ‘beep’. The beep tone feature can be enabled by firm and Cloud9 administrators using the C9 Portal. Please note, once beep tone is enabled for a user, the beep tone will be played on all line types:
  • Shoutdowns
  • Ringdowns
  • Gateways
  • Click to Call
If a user barges into a call made by another user that has beep tone configured, the user that barges in would hear the beep tone notification along with all other participants on the call. 


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