Line Sharing

Click to Call supports line sharing for users that are utilizing Cisco Call Manager. Line sharing is the ability for multiple people to share a single extension, and users can register for up to 30 shared extensions.

If you share a line extension with your group, desk, or department, you can pick up calls on Click to Call or a Cisco-registered phone, place a call on hold, and another person on that extension can resume the call on their Click to Call or Cisco phone.

This process introduces two call states:
  • Remote Hold Calls: Calls placed on hold by another user on a shared line. Once a call is in hold state, any user on that extension is able to pick up that call.
  • Remote Active Calls: Calls that are active on another user's Click to Call or Cisco phone. Users are able to interact with this call state. 
Inbound Calls: 

When an inbound call occurs, it will alert all users that are registered and subscribed to the line. The users that answers first will take the call. At this point, the call will display as Remote Active to the other users subscribed to the line. 

Remote Active Calls: 

Once the call has been answered, the other users will see the call as Remote Active. This call will be unavailable to other users subscribed to the line until the answering party either disconnects or places the call on hold. 

Outbound calls will follow the same sequence as Remote Active calls. 

Remote Hold Calls: 

Calls on a shared line that are placed on hold will change from Remote Active to Remote Hold for the users that are subscribed to the line.  For the answering party that placed the call on hold, the call state will display as a regular call hold. For all other users that share this line, it will display as Remote Hold, and the call will now be available for other users to pick it up.


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