Call Privacy

If the Privacy feature is enabled on your account, you can turn it on for your ringdown connections. When privacy is enabled, no one else from your own firm and group will be able to pick up the connection and participate in the conversation.

The privacy feature is set in the Cloud9 portal on a user by user basis and can be set as: 
  • Default On: Any time the user picks up a ringdown connection, Privacy is enabled.
  • Default Off: You will need to turn Privacy on in order to prevent other users from participating in the conversation.
You can toggle the privacy on and off by clicking on the option in the control panel or by setting it as a toggle on their 8 or 16 button board. When you disconnect from your ringdown, privacy will return to the default selection chosen in the portal.

A lock icon will appear on the button indicating that privacy is enabled for the call. The phone icon indicates that privacy is not enabled and that the button is acting like a regular ringdown connection.

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