Button Board Calling Features

Instead of using the mouse to engage your buttons, you can opt to use a button board. Button boards connect to your computer via USB and come 24 configurable buttons. For more information about configuring your button board, see our article on Button Board Overview and Setup. 

In addition to using the button board to call individual button connections, the following functions can also be assigned: 

24 Button Board: 
  • Float Buttons: You can assign a FLOAT button (using the drop-down menu) which holds a space on your button board for incoming calls from other pages on the board, so you easily access them. For example, if you assign a Float button on Page 1 of your button board and there is an incoming call on a button from Page 2, that call will move to your Float button, where it can be answered.
  • Momentary Button State: Push to talk, the Microphone is open while you hold the button down. This is the default for Shoutdown connections.
  • Latching Button State: One push will open the Microphone (no holding necessary) and another push will close it. Please note: Ringdowns can only be set as latching.
  • Fixed Buttons: There are 8 predefined fixed buttons that function as:
    • Toggle: Press to pre-select your Microphone prior to making a call. The left green LED will blink to indicate the microphone is ready. 
    • Handset: Press to pre-select the Left or Right Handset prior to making a call. Selecting the Handset button once pre-selects the Left handset and twice pre-selects the Right handset (if available). 
    • Up Arrow: Page up on the button board.
    • Down Arrow: Page down on the button board.
    • Release: Clears all active calls on the microphone and both handsets. 
  • Group Buttons: Assign a group button to shoutdown to a group of counterparties.
  • Call Release: Enables you to press a button to end a call.
  • Handset Toggle: Enables you to pre-select the Left handset. 

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