Group Broadcast

In addition to shouting down to a single counterparty, Group Broadcast buttons, located at the bottom of your C9 Trader, enable you to shoutdown to multiple connections at once. You can learn how to set up these buttons under Setting Up and Managing Broadcast Groups. 

When a Group Broadcast button is selected, it will open your microphone to all of the mapped buttons. When counterparty responds, the conversation is one to one, and the other counterparties in the group cannot hear the conversation.

During a group shout the following actions can be performed: 
  • Drop Functionality: Disconnect from a specific counterparty by clicking on the button assigned to that counterparty. This will disconnect that line without disconnecting all the counterparties associated with the group. This function is important in a scenario where you are shouting out to a group of individuals and would like to drop a participant from the activity in progress.  
  • Add Functionality: Add a new counterparty to the group by clicking on the button corresponding to that counterparty. The new counterparty is added to the group broadcast for the session that broadcast is active. As soon as the group broadcast has been unselected, the added counterparty will no longer be part of any future conversations using that group broadcast button. 
  • Creating an Impromptu Group: Users can select an empty group broadcast button and dynamically add up to ten counterparties to create an impromptu group broadcast. Once the broadcast has ended, that group broadcast button will reset.

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